Puppy Risotto

Puppy Risotto

We allow our dogs to roam free on our farm during their walks. However, they sometimes consume things that don't sit well with their stomachs. In such cases, we give them rice to soothe their digestion. One day, when I was in a hurry and our feeding time of 6 pm was approaching, I needed to prepare their rice quickly. To speed up the cooking and cooling process, I decided to partially cook the rice and then cool it down faster by adding a jar of water to the hot rice and stirring it. The result was an incredible creamy texture. I still had to cool it down further for the puppies to eat, so I added more water, which was quickly absorbed by the rice, making it even creamier and cooler, similar to Risotto. The dogs loved the dish so much that it has become a regular part of their diet, which we fondly refer to as Puppy Risotto.

We mix the Rossoto with the dog's dry kibble and soft food. Although we are not veterinary professionals, our dogs enjoy their new diet and are full of energy. They love to run like the wind in the fields. Additionally, we have not noticed any tummy issues since switching to this new diet.

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  • Desired quantity of long-grain white rice, uncooked.
  • Double the amount of water based on the amount of rice used.

Preparation time - 1 minute Cook time 15 minutes Final amount will vary

  1. Start by scooping your uncooked rice into the desired size bowl or measuring container. Place in the cooking pot. The pot size will vary based on the amount of rice you cook.
  2. Measure out twice as much water as the amount of rice you decided to cook. Pour the water over the rice.
  3. Set the burner low and allow the rice to cook for 10 minutes without the lid. Stir once while cooking.
  4. Turn off the burner, add enough water to cover the par-cooked rice, and stir thoroughly. Let the rice absorb the water for approx 3 minutes.
  5. Repeat the above step until the rice is creamy, like risotto.
  6. Allow to cool thoroughly, then place in a container to store in the refrigerator. Add the desired amount to your pet's food with each meal you prepare them. Your puppies will thank you!